*Vacuum & Shampoo entire carpet.

*Cloth seats shampoo. Leather seats clean & condition.

*Vinyl clean & dressed.

*Dashboard, vents, glove compartment, & console clean & dressed.

*Headliner cleaned

*Inside windows clean

*Removal of stains & soil additional charge, but not guaranteed.

*Removal of candy, gum, crayon, scuff marks, dog hair, human hair, sand, and hay addition charge, but not guaranteed may cause damages to interior depending on the seriousness.

*Removal of odors additional charge.

Front Brake Pads

Labor Cost: $50 excluding part customer will provide own parts. No Large Vehicles Cars, Suv's, Vans, or PU Trucks.

Front Brake Pads & Rotors

Labor Cost: $80 depending on vehicle excluding parts customer must bring own part. No Large Vehicles Cars, Suv's, Vans, or PU Trucks


Check brake fluid, power steering fluid, antifreeze, transmission fluid,  washer fluid, top off any fluids needed.

Check wiper blades.

Check belts.

Check air filter.

Check battery, battery terminals, and wires.

Check turn signals front and back,  hazards front and back, head and tail lights.

Check tire pressure and tire wear.

Exclude oil & filter

Labor Cost: $25

Battery Cleaning, Terminals, & Test

Labor Cost: $15

Tire Rotation

Labor: $45 mobile services available extra cost will apply

Front Rear Side Bulbs Replacement

Labor: Prices vary


Labor Cost: $20 mobile service $35

Other Repairs and Maintenance Available

Labor Cost On Other Repairs and Maintenance?


What have you done for your car, truck, or suv lately? Do you smell something? Do you hear something? Do you feel something? What do you see? Shopping for a car, truck, or suv? Get the inside scoop by clicking the link to find out or send an email with any questions that you might have about your car, truck, or suv. We want to help you save time and money on costly repairs and rip offs. When it comes to cleaning, repairs, sales, and help wanted in the automotive industry this is the place to come for information, questions, comments, and criticism

Remove Hard Water Spots from Glass $40.00

This special new technology can be done for $40.00 for the whole car.

Convertible & Vinyl Top Cleaning (Per Quote)

Tops are thoroughly cleaned and conditioned to withstand sunlight, harsh weather and temperature extremes. We use the most gentle, yet effective cleaning solutions and rich creams for long lasting conditioning.
Trucks, SUV’s, vans and vehicles in poor condition are subject to additional charges.

Speeding Ticket

If you ever receive a speeding first thing to do is keep your mouth shut do not be quick to jump to conclusions. Second, acting belligerent will not get you off. Third, smile and be polite you may get off with a warning. Fourth, if you have to go to traffic court remember you are innocent until proven guilty. Fifth, delay the court date (my personal secret to why). Sixth, from my personal experience tickets can be dismissed in court if the ticket is not properly written or the malfunction of the radar gun. Last, but not least there is no such thing as 5 or 10 miles over the limit in any state so do not use that as an excuse.

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Please Read

I am not a certified mechanic or detailer. My background is based on experience and reference. Over 20 years of experience in detailing vehicles for commercial and private owners. I am loyal, dedicated, and honest taking my work very seriously. I am the best detailer available performing exterior, interior, and engine detailing. I am the best mechanic specializing in oil change, antifreeze change, air filter, battery, tire rotation, front brakes, windshield wipers, head and tail light bulbs, fuses, maximum troubleshooting, top mechanic referrals in all areas for serious repair, and more... I treat every vehicle as if it was my own. I treat every customer as family or as a friend. I am currently updating my knowledge of more sophisticated work on cars far as technology and complicated repairs. My objective is to keep a vehicle safe, running, and looking good on the road to hold value long term.


The longer odors remain in a car, the more trapped they become, settling into upholstery, carpeting and other fabrics. Most odors cannot be removed unless replaced with new carpet & foam in most cases. I specialize in removing bad odors in vehicle's. My 30 years experience in interior detailing has been challenging. I love the before and after of an interior must of all seeing the smile of the customer.

Starter Replacement

Labor Cost: $55 excluding part customer must bring own part new only. All size vehicles welcome. Mobile services available extra cost for troubleshooting mobile service.

Alternator Replacement

Labor Cost: $35 excluding part customer must bring own part new. Mobile service and troubleshooting available extra cost will apply. All size vehicles welcome.

Radiator Flush

Have your radiator flush today do not believe the myth about life time antifreeze in your radiator. There is no such thing as the fountain of youth or lifetime antifreeze. Worn antifreeze and dirt will obstruct the ability to keep your engine cool and your a/c will strain plus cause damage to your radiator. If your vehicle is over 3 years old or has over 50,000 miles on it your radiator needs to be flushed today.

Labor Cost Only: $40 - $100

Air Filter Cleaning & Replacement

Your air filter needs to be check if you have over 50,000 on your vehicle and every 15,000 there after. A dirty air filter will prevent your vehicle from breathing properly. What most people don’t realize, though, is that their car’s air filter begins to get clogged with dust after just a few thousand miles  and when it begins to get clogged with dust, the air flow under your hood slows down and your automobile quickly becomes less fuel efficient. How much less efficient? A dirty air filter, even after just 5,000 miles after a change, can cost you up to 7% of your gas mileage. If you are driving a car that normally gets 20 miles per gallon, your car is now getting 18.6 MPG. Over the next 10,000 miles, that’s an extra 37.6 gallons of gas, which with gas at $3.79 per gallon, costs you $142.03! So this is how you like to give away your money?  I will clean your filter, container, and vents all for $15 or replace your purchased new one,  plus clean container and vents for $10. I recommend cleaning or replacing your filter every 5,000 miles save on major repairs long term most of all a lot of gas.


A Clean Car Can Lift The Spirits

Promax Auto Detailing delivers personal and professional service. Promax Auto Detailing is privately own and operated since 1990 born in Chicago, IL. Promax Auto Detailing is open 7 days a week for your convenience and to better service you. We have affordable detailing & repair service in your area. Mobile services available. Our services are available to residential and commercial vehicles. We strive on keeping your vehicle at its top blue book value, close to showroom looking, and factory performance road driven. We take our time and pride in giving each customer vehicle special attention and care. We never rush and we promise you our best performance when cleaning and maintaining your vehicle. You now have the opportunity to experience the best auto detailing and maintenance service on the planet. Call or text for availability this is independently own and operated. This service is performed at a private residence in a middle upper class community. I will put my 30 years experience and skill to work for you. Caring for your vehicle is my passion.


Contact & Business Information

Location: Matteson, IL on the corner of Drake & Cambridge

Phone: 574-326-8317


Available: 7 days a week 7am - 7pm

Payment Type: Cash, Credit, or Debit

Independent Business Owner: Shawn

Business Operation: Home Base

Serving Commercial & Residental